Feast of Tabernacles 2022


** Due to the shifting circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic in various areas of the world, this policy is subject to change; any updates will be posted on this same webpage. **

The Feast of Tabernacles is a time to have our focus on God and His power as we meditate on what the Bible teaches about the coming age. In a world filled with anger, violence, and fear, we are blessed to be learning to fear God as we go to where He has placed His name (Deuteronomy 14:23, Leviticus 23:39, Deuteronomy 16:15). Over the past two years, the Church has enacted COVID restrictions at the Feast, as an expression of not tempting God (Matthew 4:7) and as a way to create hedges against danger (Deuteronomy 22:8, Proverbs 22:3). Having prudent and reasonable policies in place enabled many of us to gather to worship God for the Feast even as COVID was a very present reality.

At the present time, the pandemic has been easing and in most places restrictions are lifting. Accordingly, our guidelines for Sabbath services and Feast services have changed as well. However, this does not mean anyone should approach sickness in a cavalier or careless manner! As Mr. Gerald Weston’s sabbath services guidance from The World Ahead, February 10, 2022, says: “Those with underlying conditions should feel free to continue wearing masks, but we recommend that they be properly fitting masks of the type (such as the N95) that offer real protection. If someone feels he or she needs to continue wearing a mask for any reason, no explanation is needed. We must not judge one another!” It is each member’s responsibility to weigh risks and make decisions for themselves and their family, based on their own faith and health situation. But faith and prudence are not opposites—quite the contrary, and God both admonishes His people to be wise and rebukes the careless (Proverbs 13:16; 18:15; Matthew 4:5-7).

With that in mind, please take note of our 2022 Feast General Health GuidelineIf you have symptoms of any potentially contagious illness, such as coughing, sore throat, or fever, you should not attend any FOT services or activities until your symptoms are significantly improved and you are fever-free for 24 hours without use of medication.



For those travelling outside of their home country, please take special note of the Travel/Transfer Guidelines below:

  1. The Living Church of God and the Festival Office cannot guarantee any deposits or payments. If you make international travel arrangements and conditions change between now and the Feast, you are responsible for any lost deposits or payments.
  2. Check CAREFULLY any contractual agreements you enter into with hotels, airlines, or others. Make sure you understand any cancellation penalties and acknowledge the risk you are taking, in case travel becomes impossible or impracticable.
  3. Some countries may NOT be accepting international visitors, or will not accept travelers without certain restrictions (such as proof of COVID vaccine, quarantine, etc.).
  4. Some Feast sites may NOT be accepting international visitors. Please read the writeups on this website carefully and make sure you carefully read and understand the travel restrictions for any countries you are planning to visit.
  5. Do not rely on our Feast writeups exclusively as regulations can change rapidly. Check with government websites.
  6. International travel may wind up costing you considerable time and money if complications develop. Carefully evaluate your own health and situation before considering international travel, in light of the above.
  7. Getting sick in a foreign country can be very expensive due to potential hospitalization, and delayed departures leading to hotel and food costs.

- Festival Office